Thursday, April 12, 2007

Co-Op Terrorst Hunt

GRRRR... Okay, I had this great review written up, but Blogger (well, IE7... well, actually my sloppy mouse-clicking hand) ate it.
Recommendation: when editing your blogger post, when in spell-check mode, do NOT accidentally right click on the image you inserted (because the view scrolls to the top when miss right-clicking on a misspelled word) and pick "Open Link" from the context menu that pops up (thinking that the first option is actually the correction for said misspelled word). Doing so causes the rich text control you're editing within to load the image and nothing but the image. And there's no way to go "back" to get your text. And (of course), if you're working on your first draft, there's no previous version, which means "Recover post" does nothing.
So here's your new review of R6V:
It's awesome. Co-op Terrorist Hunt is fun. I play it way too much. You should buy it. But watch out, the language in the game is foul... and i'm not just talking about the other players on Live... i mean the actual enemies in the game. Some of the things they say would make a sailor or an iron worker blush. Seriously.
Happy hunting!
Oh, and... watch out for the trekkies. ;)